Now is the time to get your lots cleaned up and get “Fire Wise”.  The Hartsel Fire Protection District will be in Wildwood to chip up slash.    If you are planning to clean up your lot, all slash must be moved to the side of the road near your property.  Call Hartsel Fire at 719-836-3500 for details and to be added to the chipping schedule.


Volunteer Hourly Worksheet


2019 Park County Open Fire Ordinance
A permit from Hartsel Fire and telephone call noting the permit number and day of fire is required if anyone wants to have an open fire in Park County.



Barrett has nearly a decade of maintenance experience, working at residential properties as well as for major companies. Originally from Pahrump, Nevada, he moved to Las Vegas at the age of 13. After high school Barrett pursued manufacturing work, but always maintained a passion for creating and repairing. Eventually his interests led him into the maintenance field, and to various cities throughout the western US, including Orem, Utah, Beaverton, Oregon, and Dolores, Colorado. After a few years of travel he ultimately returned to Las Vegas, where he would meet his wife Katharine. 

     Originally from Los Angeles, Katharine Thrailkill moved to Las Vegas to be with family at the age of 19, where she worked in motorcycle shops while pursuing a career in art. Together they moved to Reno, where they eventually would be married, and have their son, Henry. Barrett and Katharine share a life long interest in nature, conservation, and sustainable living. They are also avid hockey and football fans, and spend much of their spare time playing board games or working outdoors alongside their 9 year old Lab mix, Lucy.


Spring 2019 Newsletter


How to Release Fish


Camping Pads Now Open


  Park County Camping Land Use Regulations


  Power Pole Inspections


Guidelines to Pulling Building Permits

How to Successfully Hire a Contractor


Well Permit Information - If you purchased property with an existing well, you are required to ensure that current ownership is listed with the Colorado state water resource department. This change of ownership is required by a Colorado state law (1995).  Changes and queries can be accomplished by going online to


The Black Forest Fire was the most destructive fires in Colorado's history, claiming two lives and with nearly 500 homes destroyed. Why did some  neighborhoods survive and how do fire fighters determine which homes can be safely defended? This video answers those questions. Click on this link to start the video.



Fire Ban Information - The Hartsel Fire Department installed a flag pole in front of the firehouse in the common area at Wildwood. When the Red Flag is flying, there is a fire ban in effect. If you are considering a trip to Wildwood, please check with Park County to see if there is a fire ban in place so you will be prepared when you arrive. The Hartsel Fire Department is issuing $1,000 fines to those folks that do not adhere to the fire bans. For the latest status call the Park county fire ban number (recorded message) at 719.836.4160 or contact Hartsel Fire at 719. 836.3500.


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